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What's in the Box?

What's in the Box? is a premium cakes brand that creates handmade cakes and pastries. Apart from the regular flavours, the brand is known to curate out of the box new flavours to offer something new and exciting every time to its customers.

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What's in the Box?




Food & Beverages

Type of Work

Brand Name

Brand Identity


The Brief

Shreya, the founder of What's in the Box? is a passionate baker. She believes that baking is a form of art which gives her satisfaction for what she loves doing. For her it was delivering happiness for her own happiness! Things got difficult when her business hit a plateau during the pandemic. The orders go reduced to an extent where at times she had no work! That's when she approached us for a turnaround in her business.

Our Approach

Going against the popular choice of a number of brands to reduce marketing spends during the pandemic, we recommended Shreya to invest in developing a strong identity. To move away from "A girl who makes cakes" to a brand that has a compelling story.

We came up with the brand name "What's in the Box?" that has nothing to do with cakes and can act like a conversation starter. The idea was to bring out the fact that a box of cake has a lot of emotions apart from the cake.

The brand identity was also a simple typography based logo which has a casual font and pastel colour palette. The packaging too was very simple yet effective use of brand colours focusing on the happiness and joy as core emotions.


From 1-2 orders a day 5-6 orders a day.

Pre-booked orders 2 months prior to the occasion with 50% advance payment.

Brand awareness uplift through referrals.

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