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We are
the yellow lemon.

tyl is an integrated communications and a brand transformation agency. Growth is our core focus and purpose of our existence. And that’s what we do: help businesses grow 10X.


By transforming them into brands.



What will that do?

Create extraordinary customer experiences.



How does that help?

Makes customers fall in love with your brand.

Why is ‘making people fall in love’ important?

More customers. Loyal customers. More business. More revenue.



And what happens then?

10X business growth.



How do we do that?

Through refreshing ideas.

Exploring new perspectives.

Bringing in simple solutions.

By doing what’s right.

Our vision is to transform 1 million businesses into brands that people love.

Human Desires
Human Desires.jpg

We all are human beings. All human beings strive and thrive to become successful, be happy, stay motivated, feel positive, nurture relationships, become socially accepted, transform themselves etc.


Consumers do not buy products or services. They look to fulfil their desires and emotions. Every purchase decision is made with a strong human desire and later backed by a rationale. It’s all about the ‘feeling’.

Human desires are at the heart of what we do. We use the universal human desires as a base, identify the ones that are relevant to your key audience and address them across various customer touch points by creating a unique positioning in their mind through a consistent brand messaging and experience.



Our team is what makes possible all the radical work that we do for our clients. We call it a 'Creative Guild'. We've got some super talented, passionate individuals on our roster. And we're growing.


Pushkar V Deshmukkh

founder & creative director


Sakina Barot

co-founder & chief creative officer


Aishwarya Hankare

graphic designer


Keval Shah

video editor


Ekshika Parnami

content writer


Sunetra Dutta

graphic designer


Ashwin Ranga


Aishwarya N_edited.jpg

Aishwarya Nair

graphic designer


Salomi Pujara

social media consultant


Mugdha Upadhyay

project manager


Aditya Varma

creative solutions

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