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AMPX is a lifestyle brand that seeks to enable individuals to discover their ultimate potential through consistent, rigorous and disciplined mental and physical training. Spearheaded by ‘The Game Changer’ Andy Malone, AMPX seeks to bring people on a journey to becoming the best version of yourself, both mentally and physically.

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Lifestyle Coach

Health & Fitness

Food & Retail

Type of Work

Social Media

Book Design

The Brief

The brief was to create engaging content on Social Media for the brand AMPX. The key objective was to position AMPX as a fitness & lifestyle brand that is beyond the healthy meal products.

Our Approach

We decided to use Andy Malone as the face of the brand. Andy being Ireland's #1 motivation speaker and mindset coach, we thought he would create a strong association and resonance with the brand.

Fitness and lifestyle is mind thing more than the physical strength. We treated this is as our core idea and developed inspiration and motivational content for people to take that first step in their transformation journey. The creatives had Andy and the content was developed around it.


20% lift in retail sales for meal purchase.

Increased awareness of AMPX as a "Lifestyle Brand".

We also launched a transformation book for Andy called The Rise. The book is about unlocking one's potential to be successful in all aspects of life. Once again the idea was to use Andy as the face and brand primary brand colours to have a strong connect with the brand AMPX. The book was designed not to uplift product sales or drive social engagement but to position the brand AMPX as a lifestyle brand more than healthy meals brand and be a thought leader in the category.

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