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SOS is a small group of ambitious scientists and engineers from Ireland. They offer a unique solution - an end to hangovers and boost your immunity. It's a drink that can help you avoid hangovers so that you can party hard without worrying about the next day.

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Food & Beverages

Type of Work

Social Media


The Brief

The brief for SOS was very simple. The brand was looking for a creative and design partner for their Social Media content creation. The expectation was to promote the drink to partyholics in an interesting way through content.

Our Approach

Our approach to promote the drink was to create content about everything else around partying and alcohol. We promoted party games, snacking, post party snacks. We also created contests for the followers to win SOS gift hampers and drive engagement. Our focus was to create light hearted, eye pleasing and fun looking creative designs to build curiosity and engagement.


2X increase in engagement in 3 months.

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