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Smile Dental

Smile Dental is a Pune based orthodontic dental clinic. Smile dental has two clinics in premium localities of Pune and is run by veterans in the industry - Dr. Niranjan Vatkar and Dr. Renu Vatkar. Their vision is to provide their patients with top notch, painless dental experience in a timely manner.

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Smile Dental





Type of Work


Brand Identity

Stationary Design

The Brief

This is a classic case of already successful business getting into brand building to scale up and going beyond delivering transactional value. Smile Dental clinic is run by the two renowned dentists in the country - Dr. Niranjan and Dr. Renu. The practice was already thriving with a sizeable premium customer base. So much that they have two clinics in Pune, both running smoothly without a hassle. So why need a rebranding? The business was doing well functionally but both the doctors wanted to be go beyond just delivering functional value to create an identity for itself to rise above the competition and not be looked at as "just another dental clinic". They were looking for the recognition as brand that consistently delivers value.

Our Approach

We proposed thought leadership. Something that's not about dental treatment yet makes orthodontic dental treatment a key to what their patients want to achieve. The approach was to create an aspirational value for the patients in a way that putting braces is about being confident about who they are.

The idea we proposed was "Look beautiful. Inside out." The aspirational value of what happens to the person after the braces treatment i.e. feeling of looking beautiful, confident smile, confident personality.

The logo represents this very thought visually - petals of a flower opening up gradually like how one's personality and smile would. The colour palette has subtle use of pastels. Other brand materials also have the same visual language and elements for consistency and recognition.


Increased brand recognition and brand resonance.

Improved brand imagery as a premium dental clinic brand.

Higher customer confidence for what to expect.

Hence increased willingness to pay higher treatment fees.

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