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VNORA is a Fine 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery brand, based in Mumbai. Their vision is to be that one go-to place for all things jewellery, the one-stop-shop for bridal, fashion, and classical pieces to enhance your beauty and your style.

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Type of Work

Brand Identity

Stationary Design

The Brief

VNORA is a premium jewellery brand. The brief to us to design a brand identity that's classy that goes with the premium products the brand offers. The objective was to create the right positioning in the minds of their target audience and thereby drive consideration.

Our Approach

Our approach was to design something minimalistic yet premium looking creating the required perception of the brand. We used the initial of the brand name and used it as the key design element. The logo mnemonic consists of multiple Vs arranged in a manner where it forms the shape of a pendent or an earring or a ring or any other piece of jewellery. The star like shape was also derived from Greek mythological word "Asteria" which means Star.

The typography is bold signifying a new dimension given to one's personality. The golden colour is used to signify premium jewellery.


Increased brand recognition and brand resonance.

Brand imagery as a premium dental clinic brand.

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