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Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings Nursery is a high-quality learning environment in Dubai for children aged 6 months to 4 years. They provide children with the opportunity to build confidence and express their individuality through physically challenging, artistically enriching, and intellectually stimulating activities.

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Roots & Wings





Type of Work

Brand Identity


The Brief

Roots & Wings Nursery is a warm and welcoming home for learning through play, songs and art. The nursery features state-of-the-art facilities to create unique and engaging environment that inspires learning and discovery. The creative curriculum allows cognitive growth of children socially, emotionally, physically. The brand reached out to us to create their brand identity in line with their purpose of developing children's growth through quality education in a safe environment.

Our Approach

We proposed a logo that represented what the school has to offer. It showcased what the future looks like for the children, that is preparing them, developing them in order to give wings to their dreams by making their core strong right from the beginning. The logo also functionally in-line with the brand name and was easy to associate with the name.


Increased brand resonance with parents.

Increased parents' trust and confidence.

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