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A global leader in facilitating trade, building marketplace ecosystems enabled by tech, powered by trust, and loved by our customers. OLX serves hundreds of millions of people every month across five continents, helping people buy and sell cars, find housing, get jobs, buy and sell household goods, and much more.

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Type of Work


The Brief

OLX wanted us to work on their brand campaign for outdoor ads. The key message they wanted to deliver was that OLX is a marketplace to buy and sell all kinds of stuff. And both the buyer and seller gets a good price which eventually promotes fair trade.

Our Approach

OLX is a digital platform which lets anyone and everyone from any corner become a part of a global network for trade. What this meant was that selling which is a difficult part as one has to find the right buyer became much easier and hassle-free. We took this very idea forward and designed an ad that focussed on the functional benefit of "Bechna hua aasaan".

The visuals had both buyers and sellers showcased and getting benefitted from the platform. The comic looking characters added a fun element to capture attention.


Increased brand visibility.

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