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Malone Dance Academy aka MDA is dance academy from Ireland that offers dance training of the highest standard, developing a strong classical ballet technique whilst enhancing co-ordination and musicality. The school caters for every level from toddlers right up to professional dance training.

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Type of Work

Social Media

The Brief

MDA wanted to increase their presence on Social Media and engage with their audiences. The brief was to create interesting content pegs that will educate, entertain and create awareness about the dance forms they teach at the academy.

Our Approach

We took the "Edutainment" approach which was a mix of education and entertainment. That is educate the audience by presenting the content in a fun and entertaining manner. We created a number of "Did you know?s" and "Myth busters". The tone was friendly and warm. The facts were lesser known ones that created a "Wow, I didn't know this!" moments.

During the pandemic we also educated the students on online classes and precautions they must take if they are coming to the studio for their class. We did through a series of carousel posts to reinforce the messaging.



1.5X increase in organic engagement.

Increase in positive sentiments towards the brand.

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