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Casino Days

Casino Days is an online gaming website with over 4000 games to choose from such as roulette, black jack and other casino games. Players can choose from the best slots, jackpots and live casino games and win cash daily.

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Casino Days





Type of Work

Social Media

The Brief

Casino Days was just launched in India and was running a social media performance marketing campaign to acquire new users in the form of signups. The brand wanted us to work on the social media creatives to increase user acquisition conversion rate.

Our Approach

Everybody loves winning. That's one of the most important human desire. And money too is one of the core human desires. Since the objective was to increase sign ups through a performance marketing campaign, we kept the communication really simple around "Winning the cash daily". We also used quirky, contextual copy depending on the game with smart word play. The design was spiced to draw attention on social media and make people stop scrolling through their timelines and engage with the ad.


Increased avg. CTR from 1.5% to 3.2%.

Increased avg. sign up rate from 5% to 8.5%.

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