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Dr. Shruti Kulkarni

Dr. Shruti is paediatric dentist. She has been practicing ‘exclusive paediatric practive’ since past 8 years. After working as a consultant paediatric dentist in various renowned clinics of Mumbai, she started her own exclusive paediatric dental set up in Pimple Saudagar, Pune in Dec 2015.

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Dr. Shruti Kulkarni





Type of Work

Brand Identity

Website Design

The Brief

Dr. Shruti reached out to us when she decided to start her clinic. She consulted us as to how can she get new patients as paediatric dentistry as a concept was still pretty new and there was lack awareness about this stream of exclusive dentistry. Any dentist for adults would treat the children which in reality need a specific way of treatment. We helped her with the logo. Cut to pandemic where the inflow of patients drained and the business needed to be completely energised.

Our Approach

When Dr. Shruti approached us for the first time for her marketing challenge of getting new customers, we advised her to get a new logo created that will create an identity and give her name a recognition. Because the concept was fairly new, it was important to keep the logo very simple and depicting what the clinic is all about - that is treating children for their dental problems. We then recommended her to put a large backlit hoarding outside the complex where her clinic was which resulted in increased walk-ins.

The practice was doing fairly well and it was growing by the day. Then the pandemic hit. There were a number of precautions needed to be taken as per the guidelines set by the Indian Dental Association which resulted in increased waiting time for the patient due complete sanitisation of the clinic after each treatment. The result was revenue lost due to last minute cancellations which was anyway an issue during the regular practice as well.

We suggested Dr. Shruti to start an e-commerce website for booking the appointment. The schedule was created including the waiting time where the child's parents could take the slots that best suited for them. They also had to book the appointment by paying the consultation fees online. Just like how we book the movie tickets. The entire documentation process which was otherwise done at the clinic was moved to online where the child's parents could fill up all the required forms while booking an appointment resulting in reduced waiting time. The online system also ensured that there is no revenue loss due to last minute cancellations making the entire process smooth and convenient for both the patient as well as the doctor.

Because it was a website for the parents, to build the trust we used a lot patient stories for the most common dental problems children face. Parents could relate to these stories and felt that "This is exactly the same problem my child is going through". This eventually built a trust factor that they have come to the right place and that their child is in safe hands.

This was first of its kind website and never done before in the dental industry. Visit to experience the website.


Increased walk-ins at the time of the launch who are still associated with the doctor.

Increased revenue even during the pandemic because of the smooth online onboarding process.

Reduced waiting time resulting in more patients, increased patient trust and extraordinary experience.

Zero revenue loss due to cancellations.

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