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Dr. Niranjan Vatkar

Dr. Niranjan Vatkar is a dentist and a dental trainer from Pune. A veteran who comes with more than two decades of experience in the field. He has not only treated countless patients but also has taught to a number of dentists around the country and help them better their treatment skills.

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Dr. Niranjan Vatkar





Type of Work

Brand Identity


Website Design

The Brief

Apart from being a successful and a well known dentist in Pune, Dr. Niranjan also takes workshops for other dentists all across the country. He's been training since 2016 and has taken more than 50+ workshops and has trained 1000+ dentists. Dr. Niranjan reached out to us for his personal branding as a thought leader. He wanted to be known as a trainer and become a brand himself. The brief was make Dr. Niranjan as "The Dr. Niranjan"!

Our Approach

The first thing that we recommended Dr. Niranjan was creating his own identity. Give a visual identity to his name. We created a logo for his name which was minimalistic and has a combination of his initials. The whole concept was built around the transformation that happens after the workshop. Hence the tagline that was created was "Learn. Apply. Transform."

The next step was the website that is inline with the brand idea of transformation. Brand colours were used throughout the website. We also proposed Dr. Niranjan to create an ecommerce website where dentists can simply enroll themselves online making the whole process smooth and creating an extraordinary experience - right from knowing about the upcoming workshop to booking to finally taking the training. The website also served as a place to add value where dentists could download a free PDF for self learning and give them a reason to keep coming back to see what's new. This was just to highlight the thought leadership that the doctor was looking to do which also worked as a marketing engine for Dr. Niranjan to reach out to people who have shown interest and downloaded the free course for his upcoming courses and workshops.

Visit to experience the website.


Increased brand trust and recognition.

Increased brand resonance.

1000+ organic website visits in the first month of the website launch.

300+ free course download i.e. 300+ leads for the courses.

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