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The "No frills" insurance ad

Progressive Insurance is an insurance company from the United States selling bundled home and motor insurance. Their USP is saving money as both the home insurance and motor insurance get clubbed together resulting in savings.

In advertising, typically things get exaggerated and there's a lot of drama created to persuade people to buy products or services. There's often a number of USPs and features showcased for people to get convinced about the value the product or services brings to the table. Progressive Insurance did exactly the opposite.

Keep the message straight, crisp and quick. Sometimes that's all you must do to make the advertising work.

This ad of Progressive Insurance has only one single message straight up and that is "Save money with our bundled home and auto insurance and get round the clock protection". The beauty of this ad is that the viewers expect some drama to happen but there's none created. And that's what makes the ad fun, hilarious and a one to remember. What's also interesting is the brand taking the fun route in a relatively serious category of insurance.

To conclude, sometimes have fun with your advertising campaign, get the message straight to your audience without unnecessarily complicating stuff.


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